Hybrid car owners angry over new fees and taxes

August 12, 2019 General News Information

States say hybrids need to pay their share for road upkeep.
Buying a hybrid or electric car used to get you a tax break, back in the Obama era.

Now, though, it’s just the opposite in several states, where hybrids are being hit with new taxes.

Across the country, states are asking them to pay new fees for road upkeep, as lawmakers say these cars don’t pay their fair share, compared with gasoline cars.

But some owners claim they are being charged more for going green, and they are not happy at all. Among them: Vic and Donna Riley, who are big fans of hybrid cars, and now own their second Toyota Prius.

The Rileys are furious that their Prius will now be charged extra at annual plate renewal time. They feel the state is penalizing them for driving a fuel efficient car.

“To punish individuals who buy hybrid cars I don’t think is fair,” Vic Riley said. “We do it to save money, and save the environment.”

New fees reduce hybrid cost advantage

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