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August 25, 2019 Business Money

There are 5 major changes in the payouts and collections of the Social Security Administration you should know about for 2019, and some of them are something to cheer about while others mean Uncle Sam makes out better.

1) Benefits are going up
That’s right, those already on or about to start receiving Social Security benefits will get a 2.8 percent cost-of-living adjustment in monthly benefits beginning now. For the average beneficiary, that’s a raise of $1,422 to $1,461 — which amounts to $39 per month or $468 per year. Not a gigantic bump, but certainly better than nothing! And it will also help those who subscribe to Medicare Part B pay for this year’s increase of $1.50 a month, or $18 per year.

2) But … maximum taxable earnings are rising

Workers and employers pay 6.2 percent of their earnings to fund Social Security. For 2019, maximum taxable earnings will increase by $4,500, from $128,400 to $132,900. This means the maximum Social Security tax rises from $7,960.80 in 2018 to $8,239.80 in 2019 — or an additional $279. Not an extraordinary leap, but still …

3) The earnings limit also increases

If you are receiving Social Security check or plan to this year, you may still work and earn up to $17,640 and receive your full benefit from the government. That’s an increase from the previous limit of $16,920. If you earn more than $17,640, Social Security will deduct $1 for every $2 you earn. That’s a savings of up to $360.

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