Why raw dog food could be harmful for pets and owners alike

October 17, 2019 Family Social Inspirations

Raw meat based foods are becoming more popular among dog owners, based on the belief that a raw food diet may be more natural and healthful for some dog breeds. However, could raw dog food actually be harmful for both dogs and their owners?

A number of dog owners believe that feeding their pets raw food is naturally more healthful.

Some people refer to this diet by the acronym “BARF,” which stands for “biologically appropriate raw food” or “bones and raw food.”

Veterinary surgeon Ian Billinghurst initially promoted this diet. He argued that dogs, and some other animals, are naturally meant to eat an exclusively raw selection of food.

A recent study in the BMJ journal Vet Record, however, warns that commercially available raw meat based food is potentially dangerous for both dogs and their owners.

The researchers who conducted this study — from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the National Veterinary Institute, both in Uppsala, Sweden — explain that raw meat products do not receive any heat treatment prior to freezing.

(READ more from: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326707.php)

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