Hosting Answers

Some Information/Answers from what may be on our Customers or Website Visitors minds.
(The Information stated here also constitute part of our Private Hosting Terms and Rules.) is our Private Hosting Domain Name operating from our Website. However, we do not offer hosting to the general public on the internet but only to direct individuals we know. And we do not host business websites or sites that are contrary to our Terms and Website Rules.

After you agree with our Hosting Terms and Rules, pay for the Private Hosting via PayPal Subscription Secure Payment Procedure. Then submit your Registration Information. We will create/set-up your Private Hosting Account. We will then send you the log-in details to the email address you must submit when sending your Registration Information.

We do not offer Domain Hosting. Therefore, we do not host your website domain name. You will need the service of places such as Godaddy and NameCheap to host your domain. We will tell you the Name Servers Information for your Domain Name Set-up or Configuration at your Domain Host Site.

We offer at least a 98% Server Up-time Service with few discontinued access for your Clients/Customers to access their Website Direct Admin Sections of their Accounts. And we try our best to respond to Clients/Customers Support Tickets with-in 24-48 hours so there are less delays. That is why we encourage our Clients/Customers not to host Business Sites with us. Such Sites often require immediate or very quick customer service response.

We do not offer transfer service of your Website from another Web Hosting Provider to our Private Hosting. You will need an Expert or Pro Tech Service Professional for that. You can submit a Support Ticket and we will pass-on useful tech people information to you who can do that service. They can also help you build your website, blog, network, etc.

There are many free software apps from Softaculous inside your Client Direct Admin Panel. Those you can access to start your Site. There is also a Website Builder Software that you can use.

If you cancel your PayPal Hosting Payment Subscription, we will suspend then delete your Site. Because that will be a breach of the Hosting Terms and Rules that you agreed to comply with. No refund will be done.

If you decide to cancel your Private Hosting with us with-in 14 days of your Subscription Payment, we will Refund the full amount paid via the same method it was received (i.e. via PayPal).

We do not Host Websites that are connected to fraud, illegal activities, gambling/poker, adult content materials (pictures or words, etc) gay or lesbian lifestyles, terrorism and such alike. This Website is a Private Site with a Conservative Social Business Principle. Therefore, we cannot approve of any website to host as part of our Private Hosting Service.

In addition, because of how our Web Hosting Servers are configured, we do not Host Traffic Exchanges (TE) such: Auto Surf TE, Manual Surf TE, Paid-to-Click (PTC) Sites, Safelist Email Marketing Sites, Paid-to-Read Email Sites, Text Ads Exchanges, Banner Exchanges Sites, MLM Sites, and such alike.

We strongly recommend that you do not use our Private Hosting Service for Business Websites such as Online Stores or eCommerce Websites that require a lot of technical software and/or programming support that we cannot provide.

We do Host WordPress Sites/Blogs, Forums, Journals, and such alike that you can access from the free Softaculous Software and Website Builder located at our Client Direct Admin Section when you are logged-in.

If in the future you cannot reach our Website Owners after many days/weeks, then please access/contact our Server Providers ( in the United States for assistance.