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"The coin shortage is so bad, banks will now pay you extra for change."

As if we needed any more challenges in 2020, earlier this month a national coin shortage hit America. That right, America doesn’t have enough physical change to go around. And yep, you can blame tha

Why is it so difficult to make people change their minds?

A new study looks at participants' brain activity as they compare their own opinions to others' to find out why it can be so very difficult to change someone's mind.Whether or not we like to admit i

"Getting a Student Loan Forgiven Isn't Easy Even for a Public Service Lawyer."

Meet the lawyer who had $38,000 in student debt forgiven — he’s one of just 5% of people who did it.At one point in t

"Checking account fees surge. Here’s how to dodge them"

There is a paradox in banking right now: Fees have never been higher, but it’s also easier than ever to sidestep them.Banks continue to lean on fees to make money, as low interest rates and regula