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Our Web Hosting Server Providers have been moving all our Sites to a new Server - CentOS 8 and from cPanel to DirectAdmin Panel.That has caused downtime for all our Sites from November 11th to Nov

The secret...

Funny things people say or write to make us laugh.

New insights into how exercise can lift mood in depression

There is growing evidence that exercise can help to treat symptoms of depression and lift mood, although the reasons have been unclear. Now, a new study finds that the body's

Hybrid car owners angry over new fees and taxes

States say hybrids need to pay their share for road upkeep.Buying a hybrid or electric car used to get you a tax break, back in the Obama era.

They say: "Energy drinks linked to hepatitis in new case study."

Most of us have consumed energy drinks at one point or another, either because of a looming deadline or during a fun night out. Although energy drinks are often perceived as harmless, a new case repor